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Drilling Fluid Chemicals

We supply a complete range of drilling fluid chemicals used by the offshore industry.

The chemicals in the list represent our main products supplied on a regular basis directly or from our warehouses. For other chemicals, please contact us.


Ammonium Chloride Drilling fluid grade     
Aluminium Sulphate Technical grade
Ammonium Bisulphite  
Calcium Bromide  
Calcium Chloride Powder and Prills   
Calcium Carbonate    
Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum)
Citric Acid Powder and Liquid
CMC Drilling fluid grades
Graphite Crystalline flake graphite
Hydrated Lime   
Ironite Sponge Iron oxide H2S scavanger 
Monoethylene Glycol  
PAC LV Technical PAC, low viscosity
PAC RT Technical PAC, regular viscosity 
PAC (u)LV Technical PAC, ultralow viscosity
Potassium Chloride 95 - 97%         Drilling Fluid Grade and Brine
Potassium Chloride 99% Low sulphate content
Potassium Carbonate Technical grade
Potassium Hydroxide Powder and Liquid
Magnesium Oxide Powder     
Silica Flour  
Soda Ash  
Sodium Bicarbonate  
Sodium Bisulphite  
Sodium Bromide 99%  
Sodium Chloride 99%  


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