Chemical Cleaning System

Chemical Cleaning System

The patented DPI-System for chemical cleaning and descaling is a well-proven method for the cleaning of pipes, tanks, and vessels. Using an environmentally friendly, one-bath system allows for efficient and cost effective cleaning and preservation of surfaces.

The DPI System is specifically designed to solve scaling problems in pipes, pipe- systems, fire-water systems, process-systems and flow lines. The process-systems include heat exchangers, separators, coolers, evaporators, hydraulic systems, tanks & vessels, and hydro-cyclones. Scaling problems will occur where oxides, salts, sulphates (such as barium, strontium and calcium), sulphides and carbonates (predominantly calcium and iron) deposit scale over a period of time. These problems can be found on offshore installations, processing plants, refineries, power plants, plants where seawater / produced water is used in the processes, and fire water systems. The DPI System has been used on hundreds of projects in the North Sea with great success during the last 12 years. The DPI System is selective in its function and will remove rust and scale without damage to the bare metal.

DPI Chemicals are environmentally safe and friendly.

The DPI One Bath System is a process that is managed and monitored during the different phases of the operation. The DPI chemicals are circulated through the pipes following a five step continuous programme of degreasing, de-rusting, and de-scaling. This mixture is then neutralised and de-ionised and is subsequently followed by one last stage which leaves the cleaned metal protected from further corrosion.

The advantages

  • The DPI-system is a one-bath system
  • The DPI system does not damage the bare metals, seals, valves or equipment
  • The DPI system is environmentally friendly
  • The DPI system is a fully controlled de-scaling process
  • The DPI systems can solve almost any scale problems
  • The DPI system allows for extended areas of application
  • The DPI system is cost and time efficient¬†

Main products

  • Superclean HDE
  • Citrax combi
  • Dewa 4
  • Superclean L
  • Dewa CCP
  • Coolercleaner
  • Superclean M-1