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CBS 30 is a scale dissolver designed to efficiently remove sulphate scale. This scale is typically formed ( precipitated ) from produced water, which in turn causes formation damage and fouling of pipes, tanks, equipment, and process systems.

The precipitation of sulphates can occur downstream at any point in a production well, normally due to incompatibility of injected water and formation water, or due to changes in temperature and pressure. This scale formed is known as Barium, Strontium, and Calcium sulphate.

The deposition of this scale is one of the most serious of oil-field problems, potentially causing fouling in the entire process-system. Once this scale has formed, it is extremely difficult to remove.

Our product CBS-30 has been specifically designed to dissolve and remove this type of scale.

CBS-30 is an efficient sulphate-scale dissolver which is used in production wells to remove scale in the rock formation and/or in the production lines down-hole and at the surface. Similarily, CBS-30 is used to dissolve the sulphate scales formed in the top-side process system, including tubing, valves, casing flow-lines, down-hole pumps and equipment, heaters, separators, and hydro-cyclones.

CBS-30 is environmentally friendly, not corrosive to metal surfaces and seals, and works at lower temperatures.